3 Evening Rituals to Invoke Mindfulness & Peace

When I started including an evening ritual of gratitude and mindfulness I truly began to see transformation occur in my life. Taking the time to be intentional and self reflect allowed me sacred space to myself I hadn’t had before. Incorporating a ritual can feel overwhelming, so here are my 3 evening rituals to invite intention into your life ✨

1. Ritual Baths

Baths are my favorite evening ritual by a long shot. Soaking in the warm water and taking intentional time to breathe and regenerate always leave me feeling centered. I love to add our Warrior Oil and light a few candles to really cultivate a sacred space!

2. Gratitude Practice

If your like me, the time before bed usually includes using the last little bit of energy you have to physically get into bed. But, I have made it a practice to write down at least 10 things I am grateful for in a gratitude journal before I go to sleep. This way, my day comes to an intentional and loving end.

3. Smudging 

The sacred art of smudging (with modalities such as white sage or palo sant) aides to remove negative energy and clear your space. Invoking a gentle smudging practice before I go to bed allows me to let go of the day, clear me space, and set new and loving intentions for the next day to come.

What is your favorite evening ritual?

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