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3 Ways To Use Our Active Clay Detox Mask

3 Ways To Use The Active Clay Detox Mask

There is no question, our Active Clay Detox mask mixes some of the most luxurious clays, herbs, essential oils, and medicinal powders to draw out toxins and revitalize your skin. Because it conveniently comes packaged as a loose powder, you have the freedom to choose what you mix the mask with based upon your individual needs. Here are our favorite 3 ways that we incorporate the Active Clay Detox Mask into our skincare rituals:


For a truly detoxing experience, mix 1 part mask (about two teaspoons) with two parts water (4 teaspoons) and mix until smooth. The water activates the bentonite clay present to actively draw toxins and metals out of your skin, leaving clean pores behind. Personally, we choose to do this variation of our mask every two weeks to make sure we are truly cleansing the skin of any substance that would cause it harm.


For a more luxurious and moisturizing mask we suggest mixing 1 part mask with 1 part honey, and 1 part of our Rosehip & Saffron Emerald Facial Serum and mix until smooth. This combination coats the skin in luxurious moisture, and allows the calendula and seaweed constituents of the mask to soothe any irritation on the surface of the skin. This is by far our favorite combination, we do it at least twice a week!


For a revitalizing mask we suggest mixing 1 part mask with two parts unrefined greek yogurt and mix until smooth. Yogurt contains large amounts of probiotics and Lactic Acid, both of which are proven to refine pores, exfoliate the skin, and stimulate collagen production. In combination with the seaweed, french green clay, and bentonite this mask revitalizes your skin cells and leaves you with a glowy dew. We are in love with combination, and use it at least once a month if not more!

After each mask, gently remove the mask with a warm wash cloth, and apply our Rosehip & Saffron Emerald Serum to hydrate the skin and reveal a radiant glow!

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