8 Ways To Make Your Workspace Sacred

What is a sacred space?

A sacred space is any area you inhabit. A place you can turn to for private reflection, rejuvenation, and a reminder of who you are and of what you are capable of accomplishing.
A sacred space can be as small as a desk.

We are here to share some of our key practices and rituals for creating this sacred space small and large.

1. Set an intention for your time in this space

“In the universe there is an immeasurable indescribable force which Shamans call intent and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to the intent by connecting link” ~ Carlos Castaneda

This step is an important piece as you set in clarity what you intend to co-create with the space. The power of intention flows by being creative, allows you to trust your own purpose and gives form to your personal intention. For example: Are you looking to be more your productive? Discover more clarity around your projects? Spark imagination? Write these intentions down to look at and remember each day. A simple “Note to self”.

2 Create a Mind Map

How do you envision your space to function and how do you want it to feel? Are you more comfortable in a symmetrical space? More organic and free formed? How do you prefer to stay organized? Open shelving? Closed drawers? What is there already that feels comfortable and what can be adapted for your senses. Live plants? Aromatherapy? A comfortable chair? Space for a mat? Right down to sound… noise-canceling earbuds or headphones are useful to muffle conversations and sound.

If you are more interested in the energy of your particular space you can enlist the help of different practitioners and interior designers that work with the beauty and function of your space. There are many ancient practices still being used today to accomplish such a project and specialize in creating a harmonious environment by optimizing the energy of a space through the placement of furniture, plants, mirrors, and objects.

The more willing you are to connect with your intention for the space the more you can align to the space and those intentions

3. Fill your space with items that matter.

The interpretation of items will vary from person to person. A sacred item grounds you back to your intention. Discover treasures around you, as Marie Kondo would say, “spark joy” for you. Walk in nature. Connect to the pure energy of the matter these objects. A quick scavenger hunt of sorts for these sentimental items could check off this step with ease.

If there is an object that is anything from a plant, to a crystal to a handmade cup your list from the previous step that would support your intention, plan to purchase or receive. You have the power to make your vision come true as you please! Once you have designed your sacred space, allow it to evolve with the flow of change. Everything changes. New challenges, new celebrations, emotional hurdles, emotional growth, ever changing challenge of finding balance.

4. Set healthy energetic boundaries

If you are in an open space or chaotic office, surround the outer edge of your desk with plants, family and pet photos, or people you admire to create a small psychological barrier. Your sacred objects, representations of your divine connection such as God, Mother Mary, Quan Yin statue (goddess of compassion), the Buddha, anything or anyone who you feel is a protector of your souls purpose. Bringing in the previous step of the matter that matters … sacred beads, crystals, protective stones set an energetic boundary.

Also, take bathroom breaks for relief, or walk outside in fresh air if possible. Noise-canceling earbuds or headphones are useful to muffle conversations and sound. In addition, visualize a luminous golden egg of light surrounding your entire workstation that repels negativity and only lets in positive energy. You are safe and protected within the golden egg. There is nothing to worry about. Using all of these strategies creates a cocoon of protection to rely on.

5. Setting energy with crystals


Crystal are not just for pretty uses. Crystals can help protect, release, and ground your space. Great additions to help you stay in your intentions.

Some of the ones we recommend are:

Amethyst:  For reducing stress, promoting logical thinking, and heightening intuition.

Selenite: A cleansing stone for itself and other stones. The stone is sought after for its highly vibrational positive energy. It is most often used for clearing negativity.

Black Tourmaline: For protection and purifying your mind and space. This stone provides a force field of protection to clear negative thoughts, toxic energy, and the cyber interruptions of technology.

Citrine: Associated with the sun this stone is known for manifesting abundance and success. This sunstone aids you in defining your path and aligning your efforts toward reaching your goals.

Tiger’s Eye: Supports laser focus to. The eye of the tiger. Use it if you want to stay focused, confident, and clear.

If you decide to incorporate crystals into your sacred space, there is no need to overthink this process. We have found that letting the crystal choose you is a fascinating process as you discover how that specific crystal will typically be just the one you need.

6.Learn to cope with draining people

The energy of people in a workplace strongly affects how people experience their environment. Negative people will generate negative energy. Positive people will generate positive energy. We all experience co-workers, bosses, partners, and colleagues and these relationships can make or break the totality of the work environment. How comfortable each of us at work. People typically show some level of a threshold concerning distractive noise, colleague conflict, office politics and hierarchy, and backstabbing. The drama around the work environment disturbs and drains most people whether they recognize it or not.
Though you can’t control everything in your job environment, you do have the power to respond and shift energy in close vicinity. If you focus on the safe space and sacred space you have designed to show up as your best self you can respond rather than react to any negative energy, noise or confusion minimizing your emotional connection to these particular situations.

Learn ways to cope with these types of environments from a physical realm as well as energetic. Meditation, affirmations, physical movement, connection to nature and outside air are some easily implementations of coping.

7. Center yourself with positive affirmations

Positive affirmations, quotes, poems, words to live by support your wellbeing for all the right reasons. Repeating these words is an effective practice to redirect negative thoughts, realigning yourself with your intentions and bring us back from the worm hole of true but useless emotions.
This will help to responding rather than react to the negative thoughts that will occur. The adage of change your thoughts change your world.

8. Cleanse and purify your space regularly

Cleansing your space regularly is much like cleaning your physical body in a shower. This helps to clean the emotional and spiritual self. Much as they do in ceremonies around the world from indigenous practices to church services. Cleansing the space with herbs, essences, hydrosols, and incense. You can purify the air by spraying rose water in the room For instance, you can purify the air by spraying rose water in your space. There are many other options too: White sage, palo santo, and copal are wonderful assistance to clean your space both energetically and physically.

At home you have more flexibility that could include smudging (burning) these herbs and incenses.