AVENUE15: Ancient Traditions, Modern Beauty Rituals: The Magic of Wellness Brand H2a Botanicals

The words “tradition” and “innovation” seem to almost always be in a state of constant war with one another, each attracting its own camp of staunch supporters. There are, of course, the few who seek to find middle ground, asking the question, “How can traditions be honored whilst still making room for innovation, advancement and forward thinking?”

Sierra and Heather Goldstein are just those people. The co-founders of H2a Botanicals (and an incredible mother-daughter duo), Sierra and Heather are dedicated to creating beauty products using the wisdom of ancient traditions, without losing sight of the needs of the modern women they craft them for. Guided by herbs, botanicals, and the expert knowledge of herbalists (who Sierra has studied with intensively), H2a Botanicals is a functional beauty brand that understands the power of love, gratitude, and authenticity.



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