Frequently Asked Questions

Do gems really add to a skincare routine?

Gems and crystals have their own healing benefits, and adding them to skincare rituals amplifies the healing constituents we carefully curate into our products. Each gem has a special charge and vibrational frequency that works with the body’s natural healing systems to help fight inflammation, free radicals, and aging. Plus, the energetic benefits of incorporating gems and crystals provide your energy meridians with the healing frequencies they need to function optimally.

What is the difference between infusions and using essential oils?

By using infusion processes we are able to extract the healing benefits of the entire plant/flower and hold them within the chemical structure of the oil. This means that the healing benefits are within the oil, and do not evaporate off of the surface of the skin, which is sometimes the case when it comes to essential oils. However, essential oils maintain more of the aromatic structure of the plant as well as some chemical structure, and are therefore still therapeutic in their own way.

Why do you use oils as your base instead of formulating creams?

Because we strive to use completely non-toxic and earth-sourced materials, we prefer to just use oils as their use in formulations does not require synthetic preservatives.

Why do you only have one facial line?

Part of our goal is to make green beauty and luxury skincare rituals approachable and maintainable. Rather than having a complicated system of skincare products, we formulated one incredibly luxurious line that is suitable for all skin types.

How do tinctures actually work?

Plant material is submerged in an alcohol, or alcohol/water mix (depending on if the plant material is fresh or dry), menstruum, and allowed to infuse (steep) for a minimum of six weeks. In that time, the alcohol or alcohol/water mix extracts both the water soluble and the alcohol soluble chemical constituents from the plant.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We strive to source as many ingredients locally as we have access to. If we cannot, we have wholesale relationships with some of the most eco-conscious and authentic providers in the industry.

What is the shelf life?

Every product has a shelf life of one year. This is due to our promise that we are not adding any synthetic substances to our products.

What types of essential oil do you use?

We are very specific about the essential oils we source, and only source those that use distillation processes with integrity. No unnecessary substances are added to our essential oils and all of the plants are sourced ethically and organically.