pink flower bouquet

Flowers for Well-Being

As I am sitting here designing and contemplating my 2016 gardens it reminds of my deeply rooted love for flowers, herbs, and plants. I reminisce in the peace they bring into my life by simply beautifying my surroundings, and my over all well being.

It has been studied that there are links between flowers/plants and an individuals well being. People with sick friends or family intuitively bring flowers and plants to hospital rooms to brighten the mood. It has been proven that these patients had less postoperative pain medication, had lower systolic blood pressure and pulse rates, were less anxious and tired, and generally were in a more positive psychological state than patients in rooms without flowers and plants. Makes sense … yes?

We should, with that knowledge, have every room in our home and every inch of yards over flowing with these beautiful natural prescriptions to well-being. During the spring, summer and fall I fill my home with cut flowers from the garden. And it DOES bring me peace and a sense of well-being. My truth is there should always, always, always be fresh flowers no matter the season.

It has been proven that cognitive and creative performance and better air quality occurs when plants and flowers are introduced to live/work spaces. Adding plants and flowers to your home is well worth the effort required to keep them alive and thriving.

Smelling floral scents, aromatherapy, also seems to put us in a good mood and make us feel less anxious or more energized. Flowers clearly will help aid the need for medication when the illness is not in need of more intense therapies. Flowers have been used in studies to take the edge off before and during exams, before and after performances, and to lessen depression and anxiety. Although smelling flowers can be intoxicating they won’t leave you with a self-sabotaging hangover. And that my friends is definitely good for ones well-being.

When collecting bunches of flowers from your yard, at the local farmers’ market, or community garden (, remember there is a method to the madness of selecting flowers.

The less saturated and monotoned colors are more relaxing-

yellow tulips

pink roses

while bold saturated colors will energize you-

iris bouquet


color wheel

A bouquet with colors that are near each other on the color wheel will also be more calming; with the opposite effect ensuing if the colors are opposite each other. Pay attention to your mood and select flowers to enhance or adjust for your well-being.

A fascinating ritual of how to read messages sent through flowers is a well-practiced ancient art. One of my favorite easy reads “The Language of Flowers”, sent me down this path of knowledge. To know  what a rose of different color means to “say” takes the expression of “a rose is a rose is a rose” to debate. Giving flowers is so much more meaningful when you practice the secret language of flowers.

pink flower bouquet

bright flower bouquet

Flowers and plants in your life have positive psychological paybacks for yourself and others. Share the views of your gardens with your neighborhood and bring miles of smiles to your community. Bring these plants and flowers into the lives of you and yours as a part of your mental health practices, create habitats for natures cycles of life, and beautify the surroundings around us all.





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