Gypsetter’s Guide to Wholehearted Living

Gypsetter’s Guide to Wholehearted living

Gratitude, Love and Authenticity are what it’s all about at H2a. We crave the lifestyle that is wholehearted living, and for me travel is key. The H2a Travel Promotion this month was a great reminder that I have been neglecting myself and prompted a quick trip to the mountains.

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Step 1 Travel:

When life starts to weigh me down I travel. New views and fresh air seem to ground me. And what is it about new views that remind us to look up at the horizon? Breathing in the distant views is an expansion of the soul… and a necessary reminder when we start to lose sight of life’s majesty.

Step 2 Breathe:

Below is my favorite mantra. It combines intention with breath and the body. The posture can be awkward at first, because as adults it’s not often that we raise our arms above our heads… but it is a great release.

  • Raise your arms above your head as if you are holding cups of tea.
  • As you breath in repeat (Happier Heart, Healthier Heart, Holier Heart) 3 times.
  • As you breath out repeat (Happier Heart, Healthier Heart, Holier Heart) 1 time aloud.
  • Repeat for 5 minutes. Or until you stop feeling silly and start feeling calm release.

Step 3 set intentions: 

Before returning home, I set intentions for myself. This last week, as I took in the views I set intentions to be more present, and authentic with myself, and those around me.



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