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H2a Skincare | A link in the chain of being

Today is Imbolc day. As we say goodbye to the frost and welcome spring, I can’t help but reflect on the Roots of Herbal Heart Apothecary. Strong, deep, connected roots….

H2a is not your average skincare brand. We are in gratitude to the ancient Celts whose traditions we practice through herbal infusions. We are in touch with the earth as we patiently wait for spring where we watch our gardens flourish and produce new buds. We are connected to the herbs and flowers as we grow, harvest & infuse them into H2a Skincare. We are in tune with the people who put H2a on their skin, infusing themselves with, herbs, flowers and in tradition as old as time.

It’s beyond a “natural” product line, H2a Skin Care is your daily connection to the earth and a reminder of her wisdom.

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