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High Altitude Skincare

If I put oil on my skin, wont I be oily? Breakout? These are good questions. Here is what I was taught:

Our skin doesn’t produce lotion it produces oil. So, when we put oil on our skin it moisturizes in a way that allows our skin to “neutralize” meaning it doesn’t feel the need to overproduce moisture nor does it soak it in so fast that it only lasts 10 minutes.

Having been born and raised in Colorado I tend to have a little bit of denial when it comes to how dry our climate is. Then every time I take a trip to the ocean I hydrate up-head back home- and can literally feel the moisture being sucked out of my skin as I walk off of the plane. That’s definitely not a fun reality check! Us high altitude dwellers know the horror of dry skin EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Why?

There are 2 main reasons high altitude climates are harsh on the skin:

  1. We are closer to the sun, increasing our risk of burns and sun irritation.
  2. The air is actually dryer and contains less moisture

Lucky for us there are ways to deeply hydrate and repair our skin.

Before I got involved with H2a I was the type of person that would apply lotion in the morning, in the afternoon, and then again at night. I just never felt like my skin was hydrated and always felt irritated and itchy.

Oil based moisturizers, rather than creams, will moisturize and will continue to keep you moisturized throughout the day. In particular we use olive oil in our products because it seeps into the deepest layer of skin to hydrate ALL of your skin.

Products we specifically suggest for deep hydration

H2a’s Face&Body Elixir

face and body elixir

H2a’s Drench Sticks

drench stick

Both of these products contains deep penetrating hydration oils to repair and quench your skins thirst. Our olive oil will seep into the deepest layer of skin, while our grapeseed and almond oil gentle moisturize and work to repair your skins elasticity. What better way to treat your high altitude skin?

To shop products visit: www.h2abotanicals.com

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