Our Process

The Art of Infusion

We firmly believe that what you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body. Herbs & Flowers have been used in skincare since ancient times and we are elated to bring that age old wisdom to life.

We practice the art of herbal infusion, which allows us to extract the beneficial properties of the herbs. True infusions can take weeks, we do not sacrifice quality for deadlines and therefor are a small batch company. We responsibly source ingredients, practice true herbal infusions and the result is; consciously crafted skincare.

See our Ingredients Glossary.


Much of our inspiration comes from the mother of German botany, Hildegard of Bingen.

One principle in Hildegard’s works is viriditas, translated as “greenness” or “greening power” and interpreted as meaning growth or life. Hildegard wrote that God transmits life into plants, animals, and gems. People eat plants and animals and acquire gems, thus obtaining viriditas. They, in turn, give that life out by practicing virtue, becoming an important link in the chain of being.

Our numbered essences are based on Hildegard’s numbering of herbs, in all of her wisdom, and for all she contributed to the science.


Charging with Crystals

Crystals have long been used for their energetic and healing benefits. Incorporating them into skincare rituals and wellness products elevates their healing constituents, providing you with a unique and active modality with which your skin can heal. Different crystals have different benefits, but overall they help to activate the skin in order to heal, help combat skin-damaging free radicals, and increase cellular production within the skin.


What does it mean to be a microbatch company? We hand-curate every single product in our Apothecary Kitchen, allowing us to have complete control over the quality of the products we are sending out into the world. We strongly believe that the environment in which ingredients and products are cultivated in directly affects their authenticity. Therefore, we strive to hold an authentic, natural, and chemical-free space for all of our formulations to take place.