Phytonutrient & Aloe Facial Toner (Rose 1098)

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Our Phytonutrient & Aloe toner feeds the skin with plant-based vitamin and mineral properties to promote a healthy microbiome. Designed specifically for its ability to prep the skin for hydration, it is the perfect addition to any facial care ritual. Plus, the charge with quartz and the addition of Rose Otto essential oil gift you with even more regenerative and healing properties.


Sacred to the Goddess Isis, the essence of the rose is one of the most high frequency oils on earth.  We reach for her when we wish to raise our vibration and return to divine love as she carries the codes of Divine Mother. 

She is the Divine Feminine of oils and works directly with heart chakra (and its corresponding thymus glad) to rebalance and open to give and receive love. This oil will lift your mood and open your heart and is also great for the skin, immunity boosting, libido, stress and muscle pain, womb care, the cardiovascular system, and overall purification.

Ingredients: Wildcrafted & Organic*

Rose Otto Hydrosol*, Bulgarian Rose Water*, 100% Plant-Derived Squalane*, 100% Aloe Vera Nutrient Water, Micellar Water, Rose demensca (rose otto) Oil*, sodium anisate*, sodium leuvinate*

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  • Directions: Hold 6 inches away from face and spray 5 times, inhaling the aromatherapy benefits and allowing your skin to absorb the magic.
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