Wunder Life Podcast: Episode 6 – Sierra Goldstein talks about being a young beauty mogul + queen of intention & ritual

On today’s show, we chatted with Sierra Goldstein, creator of H2a Botanicals organic beauty line + true queen of intention and ritual. Sierra digs deep about the importance of self love and care and how she developed a product line with high vibration and the intention to be a vehicle to pass on ancient rituals. Find out more at H2aBotanicals.com.

Sierra Goldstein is a highly motivated and successful young entrepreneur. Her lifelong journey of project based learning, international travel, and strategic relationship building has given her the tools needed to be a top expert in her field. After studying with herbalists for over 3 years, Sierra branched off and started her own company, H2a Botanicals, rooted in beauty rituals and ancient infusions. She surrounds herself with the people and environments that foster growth and abundance. Her go-get it initiative has had her featured in a FastCompany article, a PBS documentary, two TEDx talks, and a panel speaker at SXSW in Austin all about young entrepreneurship and alternative learning.

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